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Explain your audience, add only highlights of your campaign define the tone. Give just moments to Stunt AI to generate captivating and tailor media social media ads that boost your campaign goals!

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Trained to be social media expert
StuntAI is constantly being enhanced with social media industry blogs, guidelines and best practices, so content will remain immune to algorithm changes.
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creative generation
Only add the most important details of your brand or campaign and let Stunt AI generate many alternatives in seconds.
Wide range of support
Generate high engagement guarenteed social media posts, ads and hashtags for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and X.

Social media made easy for you

Facebook Ads Generation
It takes 3-5 hours per week to set-up Facebook campaign, do it instantly with Stunt.
X Ads
Know whether you're reaching the right audience for the most text based social media platform.
Instagram Ads Creation
Generate the most creative Instagram ads, instantly.
Linkedin Sponsored Content Generation
Create sponsored content for Linkedin, with a help of Linkedin ads expert AI assistant.
Social Generator (Coming Soon)
Build social media ads and post for multiple platforms at once with single campaing details.

Create high-quality content with AI to boost your social media metrics.

Engage with your audience by providing campaign details to Stunt AI for access to AI-generated social media content alternatives.

Only provide what matters most

Generate content with AI-driven marketing by providing key campaign details like your target audience, key features, tone of voice, and language.

Improve creatives with real time conversation

StuntAI makes it easy for everyone to create high-quality, creative content that can truly stand out from the crowd.

Ultimate AI Copywriter

Stunt AI is a powerful AI copywriter that can generate social media ads, sales materials, and business communications.
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Most creative AI copywriter
AI is a one big universe. We specialized StuntAI to expert on copywriting for various needs of digital teams.
Tailor-made for all user needs
Our user-first approach serves the unique needs of social media managers, sales professionals, and company communicators with 12 sets of products.
Dynamically updated with the online resources
StuntAI follows best practices and guidelines for each topic, staying dynamic with industry trends and algorithm changes.
User Friendly Interface
Generate outstanding and instant results as simple as filling out a form by only providing only relevant information.