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Best AI email writing assistant. Easily craft personalized cold emails using proven techniques, generate email headlines that boost open rates, and ignite LinkedIn engagement with tailored messages.
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Enhanced with the latest and most impactful sales outreach best practives to generate hyper effective cold emails.
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Select proven techniques for email and LinkedIn outreaches via templates to effortlessly generate high-performing results.
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Save the hassle of generating effective cold emails and save hours each day with your new AI sales assistant.

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Short and Sweet Email Template
Open with a quick intro and briefly mention how can you help.
Introduction Asking  Email Template
Ready to present your product but not sure who is the right person? We got you!
Email Template
Apply Awareness - Interest - Desire - Action framework to convert potentials to clients.
Competitor Mention Email Template
Showcase how your product helped with your potential client's competitor to grab the attention you need.
Linkedin Outreach Template
Generate captivating inMail's instantly that is personalized based your reach.

Increase open and response rates to generate quality leads.

Craft tailored emails and headlines, ignite LinkedIn engagement, and elevate sales with StuntAI

Only provide what matters most

Generate outreaches by providing key details: your information, recipient details, and the purpose of your reach!

Improve emails with real time conversation

Not satisfied with the outcomes or want to add your personal touch? Use the free input area to generate new results!

Ultimate AI Copywriter

Stunt AI is a powerful AI copywriter that can generate social media ads, sales materials, and business communications.
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Most creative AI copywriter
AI is a one big universe. We specialized StuntAI to expert on copywriting for various needs of digital teams.
Tailor-made for all user needs
Our user-first approach serves the unique needs of social media managers, sales professionals, and company communicators with 12 sets of products.
Dynamically updated with the online resources
StuntAI follows best practices and guidelines for each topic, staying dynamic with industry trends and algorithm changes.
User Friendly Interface
Generate outstanding and instant results as simple as filling out a form by only providing only relevant information.